Dr. Lauren Hernandez


Sprout Pediatrics


As a dedicated Pediatrician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the proud owner of Sprout Pediatrics, Dr. Lauren Hernandez has spent the last decade in private practice, passionately committed to the well-being of her patients of all ages.

Dr. Lauren has always prioritized the health and wellness of her patients, emphasizing the importance of achieving balance through proper nutrition and medicine. Her approach leans heavily towards preventive care, focusing on maintaining overall well-being and addressing health concerns proactively.

Recognizing a gap in her medical school training, Dr. Lauren discovered the crucial role of preventative care in pediatric medicine. She came to understand that fostering health from an early age not only keeps children well but serves as a fundamental step in preventing chronic diseases that may manifest in adulthood. Driven by the belief that we only have one body and must care for it wisely, she is determined to intervene and educate.

Through numerous conversations with concerned parents seeking better options for raising healthier children, Dr. Lauren began documenting valuable information for her patients. Her aim was to create a comprehensive program that is not limited to the time constraints of routine office visits, providing an affordable, easily digestible, and continually evolving tool to accompany parents through the challenges of a busy, active life.

Stepping back to assess how best to support entire households on their health journey, Dr. Lauren recognized the emotional hurdles parents might face in embracing change. She understands the significance of addressing and navigating these emotional limitations as an integral part of the process.

Beyond her professional commitment, Dr. Lauren is a mother of three active boys and the spouse of a fitness trainer and high school boys basketball coach. Together, their family shares a deep appreciation for health, fitness, and nutrition. She loves hearing her children constantly saying, “Thank you for keeping us healthy, Mommy!”

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